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The PSNS Library Room

Long before the computer and the Internet a library was an essential tool for scientific research. From its founding in 1867 the Society accumulated a vast collection of books and journals. Today, the Library remains in the possession of the Society and it housed in the Perth Museum and Art Gallery. It is, perhaps, the most complete Victorian Natural History library outside of a University or a National Library. There are around 2,500 books in the collection. Most if the them were published in the 1800s. It is a treasure trove for students of the history of science. There is an early edition of Darwin’s Origin of Species as well as volumes on botany, zoology, geology, entomology, fungi, ferns, molluscs, archaeology, exotic travel expeditions, local antiquarianism, catalogues from places like the British Museum, transactions and journals from learned institutions all over the world. Many of the books are heavily annotated by PSNS members and provide a valuable insight into an aspect of Victorian cultural life in Perth. A small part of the library is on display in the Library room of the Perth Museum. This can be viewed on request. The bulk of the library is conserved in the Museum archives. Individual volumes may be viewed via the normal Museum channels.

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PSNS Publications

Since the 1960’s PSNS has published a series of Journals with many interesting articles on the Natural and Social History of Perthshire and the surrounding areas. Back copies are available for sale.

The Proceedings and Transactions of the Society from 1909 to 1938 are also available for download.

Journal Vol IX : 1929-1938
Journal Vol IX (Transactions)
Journal Vol IX (Proceedings)

Journal Vol VIII : 1923-1929
Journal Vol VIII (Transactions)
Journal Vol VIII (Proceedings)

Journal Vol VII : 1918-1923
Journal Vol VII (Transactions)
Journal Vol VII (Proceedings)

Journal Vol VI : 1914-1918
Journal Vol VI (Transactions)
Journal Vol VI (Proceedings)

Journal Vol V : 1909-1914
Journal Vol V (Transactions)
Journal Vol V (Proceedings)