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Summer is Here – Events Programme

The summer is normally a time for getting out and about.  This year we are having to be a bit more careful.  Keep in touch by checking with the various sections for proposed activities and excursions. Non-members welcome – please contact relevant section secretary.

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About PSNSA Society for All

PSNS is one of the oldest Scientific Societies in Scotland. It has always been, and remains today, a ‘Society for All’. It consists of a ‘Parent Body’ as its primary membership with currently four activity groups (or Sections) covering the topics of Botany, Ornithology, Archaeology and History and Photography.

Curious Minds – non-members welcome

PSNS also runs a series of public lectures called ‘Curious Minds‘ on Friday evenings from October to March in partnership with Culture Perth and Kinross. The talks explore Contemporary Science in Scotland with speakers from Universities and other Research Institutions – no jargon and no complicated equations. Talks have ranged from mud houses in Errol through the physiology of seals to the Higgs boson and theories of Consciousness. As one of our guests said “It’s like going to the gym – for your brain”. We are currently developing the talks programme for the 2021/22 winter season.

Over the Winter and Spring 2020/21 PSNS ran a short Zoom series of talks on a variety of topics of local interest. Many of these were presented by our very own home-grown experts and enthusiasts within the Society. Videos of these are available here.

40 Years of Change and A Year of Covid – Share Your Thoughts Click here

Share your thoughts on the last 40 years of change and how the pandemic has re-shaped your awareness of the natural sciences.  Here’s How and Why from David Bowler.  All contributions  are welcome.   Click here to read some. To contribute email

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