About PSNS

PSNS members helped Perth Museum acquire the 5000 year old Sheriffmuir Ball in 2019

PSNS is one of the oldest Scientific Societies in Scotland. It was founded in 1867. 

From the beginning the Society embraced an enlightened and accessible approach to membership. Members ranged from the aristocracy and landed gentry to professionals, clergymen, businessmen, craftsmen, working men and gamekeepers. In 1873 eighteen women joined and by the end of the century about a quarter of the members were women.

Over 150 years the aspirations of the Society have not changed. It continues to encourage interest in the natural sciences by means of lectures, meetings and field outings. There have been some changes over the years. The scope of natural science has expanded to include subjects such as oceanography and geophysics. Members of the Society no longer collect specimens to add to the museum’s collections but use digital photography and compile digital data to make detailed records of the fauna and flora.

The Curious Minds lecture series has offered a stimulating array of scientific topics from dinosaur fossils in Skye, through the human genome to gravitational waves.

The Archaeological & Historical, Nature and Photographic Sections all run active programmes of winter meetings and summer outings to allow members to focus on special interests.

How the Society is Run

PSNS consists of a ‘Parent Body’ as its primary membership, which is run by an elected Council. It currently comprises three activity groups (or Sections) covering the topics of Nature, Archaeology and History and Photography. The Council is comprised of members from each Section who act as the Trustees of the Charity.

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The PSNS Story – Its Influence, People and Timeline

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