Video Talk – 40 years of monitoring rare arctic-alpine plants on Ben Lawers 

by Sarah Watts, Ecologist and Conservation Manager.

Sarah is a plant ecologist with a strong focus on upland vegetation, restoration ecology and applied science. She is the Conservation Manager of Corrour in the Scottish Highlands and is currently researching her part-time PhD entitled “Improving outcomes in montane woodland restoration”. From 2013-2020 she worked as an ecologist for the National Trust for Scotland at Ben Lawers NNR.’

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2019 November Talk

“Black Devon Wetlands, RSPB Reserve,” Alison Leonard, RSPB

A introduction to the development of this site and the variety of wildlife to found. A visit to view the site was promptly arranged, but failed to take place, a casualty of the Covid-19 pandemic.

1963 Ornithology Section hatches

The study of birds has always been a major interest of the Society and many members and supporters donated bird skins for the museum’s collections during the Society’s first fifty years. The Ornithological Section was formed in 1963 by Valerie Thom, a well-known Scottish ornithologist and author of Birds in Scotland.

Section members recorded their local bird sightings and published the information in a regular bulletin until 2012. The bird records were submitted to local and national bird surveys such as wildfowl counts and the British Trust for Ornithology Bird Atlas. Members are now encouraged to make use of national recording forums such as the online BirdTrack.

The Section runs field trips and a winter lecture programme with contributions from outside experts and its own well-travelled members.