1880’s Perth becomes centre of excellence Photography – PSNS Pioneer of Photography – Magnus Jackson

Magnus Jackson (1831-1891) left a unique legacy of around 2,500 glass photographic negatives, which capture life in Perth and Perthshire between the late 1850s and 1890. He was born in Perth on 25 September 1831, and began his photographic career in the early 1850s, soon after the introduction of two new photographic processes – the Daguerreotype process and Fox Talbot’s process which, like the daguerreotype, used the lightsensitive properties of silver salts, but this image was captured as a negative on high quality sensitised paper, thin enough to be translucent and capable of being printed many times. In 1886 he was awarded the 8 Bronze Medal and Diploma of Merit at the International Exhibition of Industry, Science and Art in Edinburgh for his photographs of ferns and foxgloves.


Perth Museum Collection