Covid19 Update:
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided not to hold any lecture meetings or indoor events until October 2021. This will be reviewed in early 2021.

PSNS is Perth’s meeting place for all people with an interest in the Natural World.  Since its founding in 1867, PSNS has been at the centre of Perth’s cultural and intellectual life. The Society has four ‘Sections’, each devoted to a particular interest. These include:

Each Section organizes its own series of activities and you can find the programmes listed on this site.

PSNS also runs a series of public lectures on Friday evenings from October to March in partnership with Culture Perth and Kinross. The talks, called ‘Curious Minds‘ explore the theme of Contemporary Science in Scotland. We invite speakers from Universities and other Research Institutions to come along and tell us about their work – with no jargon and no complicated equations. We have enjoyed three very successful seasons with talks ranging from mud houses in Errol through the physiology of seals to black holes and the Higgs boson. As one of our guests said “It’s like going to the gym – for your brain”.

Due to Covid19, our last season was Season 4 2019/20.

And here is the full programme

You can find full details of the 2019/20 programme, with ticket information, on the Curious Minds page.

A summary programme of all winter lectures, including the meetings of the Sections, will be available to download in due course.