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PSNS now has a “Nature Section.” The Section aims to bring together the botanists and ornithologists of those sections,   those  bird watchers or wild flower spotters who do not think of themselves as an ‘-ologist’, and all primarily interested in any part of the rest of our natural world, our biodiversity, its’ ecology and the environment.

Contact can be made with the new section at

VIDEOS – Curious Minds  –  Archaeology and History  – Ornithology and Botany

Curious Minds 2021-2022

As well as talks and events organised by each Section of the Society, PSNS runs a series of public lectures called ‘Curious Minds‘ on Friday evenings from October to March in partnership with Culture Perth and Kinross. Non-members are welcome. The talks explore Contemporary Science in Scotland with speakers from Universities and other Research Institutions – no jargon and no complicated equations. Talks have ranged from mud houses in Errol through the physiology of seals to the Higgs boson and theories of Consciousness. As one of our guests said “It’s like going to the gym – for your brain”.

Curious Minds is back for a full season of fascinating, stimulating and challenging talks by some of Scotland’s leading academics. We have a fabulous and eclectic mix of topics starting with a Philosopher’s guide to Time Travel and ending with a trip back 5500 years in time to the incredible Neolithic remains of the Ness of Brodgar. See our Curious Minds page for full details of all the talks. 

Our intention was to have our speakers talk to a limited, live audience in the Soutar Theatre of the AK Bell Library in Perth, with a simultaneous Zoom link for those who prefer to participate from home.  Unfortunately due to Covid19, the talk will be on Zoom only in the comfort of your own home. The talks are all on Friday evenings at 7:30pm.  Zoom links are free for PSNS members and will be sent by e-mail 2 days before the event. Non members can purchase a Zoom link for £2. Booking details can be found on the Culture Perth&Kinross website at

Keep in touch by checking with the various PSNS sections for other proposed events and talks. At this time, the other sections are not planning any live talks before 2022 but will be active on Zoom. Check out the section page for their recorded talks.


About PSNSA Society for All

PSNS is one of the oldest Scientific Societies in Scotland. It has always been, and remains today, a ‘Society for All’. It consists of a ‘Parent Body’ as its primary membership with currently four activity groups (or Sections) covering the topics of Botany, Ornithology, Archaeology and History and Photography.

40 Years of Change and A Year of Covid19 – Share Your Thoughts Click here

Share your thoughts on the last 40 years of change and how the pandemic has re-shaped your awareness of the natural sciences.  Here’s How and Why from David Bowler.  All contributions  are welcome.   Click here to read some. To contribute email

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