Welcome to Perth and Perthshire’s Bird Watching Group

  • Who are we?  A bird watching club for people interested in birds, nature and conservation.
  • We aim to encourage people with an interest in birds and other wildlife to develop that interest …….
  • …..  by providing the opportunity with indoor talks and outings, and encouraging an individuals own activities.

  • You may be new to bird watching, a keen ornithologist or just wanting to find out more about the wonderful birds we can see every day; we can help you with study and enjoyment.
  • At the time of writing, in the Covid-19 pandemic our normal activities have been largely suspended. The Group’s indoor talks were cancelled but the PSNS continued to support ornithology in the Curious Minds series when it recommenced in March 2021.
  • We hope to encourage taking notes and keeping records. We encourage members to make use of national recording forums such as BirdTrack.
  • Please contact us to register your interest at birdsatpsns@btinternet.com right now, no need to wait until we have the organised programme up and running.


For a society with a long history, one of the principal aims of our earlier members was to form a collection of the flora and fauna of Perthshire. We are no longer collect specimens for museum displays (!) but observe, conserve and enjoy our birdlife, and maybe collect some images. It all supports our winter evenings, which inform and entertain with avian news, and a chat over tea.


New members are welcome to join us, on our summer outings or at our winter lectures held in the Sandeman Room at the AK Bell Library, York Place, Perth PH2 8EP on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm. Evenings conclude over tea and coffee.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Section is not holding any lecture meetings or indoor events until at least October 2021. No programme of outings is arranged for 2021, but depending on the prevailing Covid19 related guidelines there may be scope for small groups to make ad hoc arrangements. 

Peace and Calm
Mute Swan and Canada Goose – Had too much of a noisy neighbour?


Bulletins and newsletters of the Section

The Section produced regular Bulletins from 1963-2012 recording its activities and wildlife sightings, and now produces occasional newsletters. These can be downloaded from the PSNS Publications page. 

Read the Ornithologists contributions to the PSNS’ “40 years of change and a Year of Covid” on this web site.

CONTACT US: birdsatpsns@btinternet.com