A&H Section Summer Events

Abernethy Museum & guided tour of town Wed 23 June at 6.00 p.m. 

The 18th-century Museum building stands on the lands of the Culdees’ monastery.
Renovated 1990s to house Museum; opened in 2000 by Magnus Magnusson.
Town occupied since Pictish times. Displays include artefacts and information re
Bronze Age logboat; Roman legionary fortress at Carpow; Abernethy as Pictish
capital & early Christian centre; WWI; WWII, when Abernethy was home to Polish
troops and child evacuees. Tower currently closed.


Murthly Castle Friday 9th July at 300 p.m.

Originally 12th-century royal hunting lodge. Current castle dates from 15th
century. Remodelled 17th century. Later additions include some by William Adam.
Listed walled garden and Roman bridge.

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