2020 AGM Notice of Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 153rd Annual General Meeting of Perthshire Society of Natural Science will be held at 7pm Friday 16th October 2020 using Video Conferencing to transact the following business.


1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Minutes of the previous AGM Friday 15th March 2019 (attached)

3. Matters Arising.

4. Society Report 2019/20

5. Treasurer’s Report 2019/20

6. Election of Council (List of Nominations attached).

7. Election of Independent Examiner of Accounts for 2020/21

8. Setting Membership Subscription Rate

9. Announcements

10. AOCB

By order of the Council and Charity Trustees

John Jessop, Secretary, Perthshire Society of Natural Science, 25th September 2020



Nominations for Council 2020-21

President – David Bowler (elected 2019)

Past President – Tom Ryan (elected 2019)

Treasurer – David Perry

Secretary – John Jessop

Council Members:

Tim Haynes (elected 2018)

Michael Allnutt (elected 2019)

Margaret Borland Stroyan (co-opted 2019)

Frances Whittet (elected 2019)

Dr Gordon Pirie

Perthshire Society of Natural Science

(Registered Charity Number SC 012718 )

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